OAK Athletic Development is a health and fitness center located in Bourbonnais, Illinois, that serves Wilmington, IL residents through our expertise in sports fitness, jump training and sports performance training through speed and agility and strength training. At OAK Athletic Development, we provide health and fitness testing and jump training to athletes of all skill levels. We have worked with athletes in middle school through college age to develop strength training and jump training, as well as overall wellness.

Because of our emphasis on wellness, we also work with adults who simply want a great local weight loss center and fitness center that will help them develop their wellness and overall health and fitness level. We create individualized programs that train speed and agility, as well as strength training, jump training, and sports performance training. For a local health and fitness center and weight loss center serving Wilmington, IL, come to OAK Athletic Development.

IMG 5491Strength training is important for well-rounded sports fitness, no matter what sport an athlete participates in. Strength training helps both male and female athletes compete at a higher level on the field or court, and helps them respond to a variety of situations. At OAK Athletic Development, our strength training is developed to push athletes while helping prevent injury. Strength training is an important part of athletic training that helps muscles handle greater impact and strain, and at OAK Athletic Development near Wilmington, we help our athletes become stronger the right way. Our strength training equipment includes a variety of free weights, as well as medicine balls and machines to help develop an athlete's core strength. Athletes who utilize our strength training programs are often surprised to see how much of an impact it has on their sports fitness performance and personal health and fitness.

OAK Athletic Development sports performance training programs near Wilmington, IL also help athletes improve on their speed and agility. Developing speed and agility allows athletes to react and respond quickly to opponents, and even sports like football, which emphasize strength, also rely on their players to react with speed and agility. Jump training is another aspect to this, as jump training helps develop power, explosiveness, and agility on and off the field. Jump training can be useful in any sport, though some, like basketball, find that jump training is one of the most crucial parts of their sports fitness development.

We also work with youth and adults who want to work on their wellness, health and fitness, and weight loss in Wilmington, IL. OAK Athletic Development doesn't only work on sports fitness and sports performance training as a fitness center but also functions as a weight loss center for youth and adults in Wilmington, Illinois. OAK Athletic Development will assess the health and fitness levels of anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, and can develop a plan to help with weight loss and wellness. Our weight loss center programs are great for adults who are former athletes or people who have never been athletic but want to start in an encouraging environment. As a weight loss center, we have helped countless adults increase their health and fitness and begin leading lives of wellness. Call us today to find out how our weight loss center can help you on your path to wellness.

IMG 5476OAK Athletic Development also offers fitness boot camp classes at our health and fitness center near Wilmington, IL. Fitness boot camp classes are ideal for adults who want to get in shape and want motivation, accountability, and encouragement, along with recognizable results. The fitness boot camp classes at OAK AD are designed to push you out of your comfort zone in an encouraging and helpful way, so you start to shed the fat and develop healthy, lean, toned muscle. These fitness boot camp classes can work with your schedule and are for people of all ages and athletic abilities, so even if you're a beginner, you can keep up with the pace. If you're ready for a real change in your body and lifestyle, check out our fitness boot camp classes.

Whether you need help with strength training, jump training, or speed and agility as part of your sports performance training, OAK Athletic Development helps Wilmington, Illinois residents on their way to health and fitness. Our fitness center provides strength training, jump training, and other sports performance training for athletes, as well as a weight loss center, fitness boot camp, and health and fitness center to help adults and people of all fitness levels get in shape and healthy. At OAK Athletic Development, we want to help athletes and all adults on their path to wellness, health and fitness through encouraging athletic training, sports performance training, and teaching nutrition and wellness.

If you are an athlete in Wilmington looking for motivational strength training and jump training as part of a healthy sports performance training program, contact OAK Athletic Development to find out how we can help you. Our skilled sports fitness classes and personalized sports performance training will give you undeniable results. If you don't consider yourself an athlete but are looking for a weight loss center that will encourage you and give you the tools you need to succeed in your weight loss and wellness goals, OAK Athletic Development has the experience and expertise to help you reach your peak of health and fitness. No matter what your health, fitness, or athletic goals are, OAK Athletic Development can help you get where you want to be.