Complete Athlete Development

Discover How You Can Get The Edge Over Your Competition By Becoming More Powerful And Explosive, Gain Quickness, Improve Agility And Develop Cutting-Edge Speed!

Dear Parents, Coaches and Athletes,

If you want to unlock your athletic potential, this is for you!

Athletes that are explosive and fast have a huge competetive advantage over those who simply focus on sport skills.  You've seen how much importance is placed on combines, showcases and other ways of measuring an athlete's athleticism...and with good reason.

9 times out of 10 the stronger, faster athletes win.

On the field.  On the court.  And even when it comes to getting a scholarship or the contract...those athletes come out on top.

How would you like to get this competetive edge and gain the confidence knowing that you're going to be able to go through or by a defender...or that you're more powerful than the competition?

This is exactly what we are gong to help you unlock in our Complete Athlete Development program.

It is our job to produce great athletes.  While we don't work on sport specific skills that are required to be a great player-- that's the coach's job and they're experts at it--we create better athletes that have the power, speed, agility and quickness to make those skills much, much more valuable.


Varsity Complete Athlete Development is an annual training program for high school athletes who want to maximize their opportunity to compete at the highest level.

This athlete specific training and coaching program provides high school athletes individualized in-season and off-season training plans to realize their athletic potential by working directly with an expert coaching staff who has worked with athletes from more than 20 local high schools and helped send well over 50 varsity athletes to more than 30 colleges nationwide, in the best training facility in the area.

It is our goal to help our Varisty Athletes

1) Stay pain and injury free in training and in their sports

2) Develop required athletic qualities and skills at a high level, while addressing areas of need or weakness

3) Develop a championship mindset; understanding work ethic, leadership and personal accountability

What You Can Expect And What Our Athletes Tell Us They Most Value:

• Personal connection and relationship our athletes build with our coaches
• Training programs that focus on proper form and progression over time
• Regularly updated and athlete specific training programs
• Flexible scheduling
• Consistent and significant gains in strength, speed, power and athleticism


The success of our program is predicated upon our program’s consistent delivery and unique value based upon specialization, expert coaching and atmosphere.

Specialization- Unique to OAK AD and a major factor in our athlete’s accelerated improvements are the individualized speed and strength programs. We have years of experience developing literally thousands of high school programs and piles of data to support our methods and training system.

Expert Coaching- We like to say you can’t fake skill, and our coach’s true teaching skill is self-evident within an athlete’s first workout. We believe the impact of a great coach on an athlete can be life changing. Any coach can yell and scream but it takes a skilled teacher to help athletes develop important skills and build consistency in technique and accountability. Our highly skilled coaches are truly second to none in our industry and make a huge difference in our athletes’ on-going development.

Atmosphere- The one thing we will have no problem bragging about is the quality of the student athlete we get the opportunity to work with on a daily basis. As a whole some of the brightest and most mature aspiring student athletes lead the way in our varsity program. Whether they are boasting a 4.0 GPA, headed to an Ivy League School or head are captain of their travel team, we truly are privileged to work with some of the future young leaders of America.

This creates a supportive and motivating environment and culture that any parent would love to have their child involved with.



Monday: 430p, 7p
Tuesday: 430p
Wednesday: 430p, 7p
Thursday: 430p
Friday: 430p
Saturday: 9a


First of all, you’ve made a great choice! Before any workouts begin we will need to schedule a 1-on-1 athlete assessment. This appointment is the crucial and unique first step that will begin our athlete’s journey to long-term success. During the Athlete Assessment we will:

1. Talk about athlete’s goals and perceived areas of need
2. Complete head-to-toe movement assessment which looks at flexibility, body awareness and injury risk
3. Complete athlete specific performance testing which will place athlete in specific percentile for age compared to peers
4. Discuss what training option works best

Upon completion on the assessment, assuming you like what you hear, the athlete will enroll in our 21-Day Jump Start Program. This three week training program allows the athlete to get a feel for the program, our coaches and the facility before making a long-term commitment. The cost of the 21-Day Jump-Start Program is just $99.

To schedule your athlete assessment email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (815)-932-5492.


If we can’t convince you during the Jump-Start Program that we’re the best gym in Bourbonnais, walk away with no further obligation.

stay with us, which we think you will, we will ask the athlete to make a personal commitment to their own success and the program. From there we will use all of our resources to provide them with the absolute best programming, coaching and training experience we can on a consistent basis.

Every 12-weeks or season, we provide athletes and parents with a Training Progress Report. This thorough report contains seasonal milestones, summary of training and even video clips. In addition, we have scheduled Test Days where our Varsity athletes strut their stuff and see where they stack up against their age group in a sport specific testing protocol.

If you are a high school athlete who dreams of making it to the next level we personally guarantee you will not find a better training program that will help you reach your athletic dreams.

Call (815) 932-5492 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign-up for your assessment