Grade School

Dear Parents,

Wouldn't it be great if you could help your child develop important fitness fundamentals and excitement for their health at a young age?

In recent years we have seen an extreme growth in early sports specialization. Unfortunately a growing problem our youth athletes face is the pressure or perception from their peer groups that they need to specialize in a sport and or position as early as possible. This often leads to physical overuse injuries, and mental burnout; in addition, creating an athlete who lacks a wide range of athletic skills.

As a young athlete it is critical to build as wide and as broad an athletic foundation as possible. It is this foundation, or lack thereof, which will be critical in predicting whether they develop later on during their teenage years or not.

In addition, this can also lead to a loss of genuine enjoyment of being physically fit. As parents I know you see it every day. With technology and a changing classroom curriculum we often see more and more sitting and less and less physical activity (recess, gym class, game playing).

The reality remains, kids at this age need to play every day. Not just regimented and structured team and sport practices. Even though we want them to succeed today, ultimately, we are planting the seed for tomorrow. That seed doesn’t grow unless the young athlete learns to actually enjoy exercise by having a good experience.

Quick Kids Speed Camp

Who Else Wants Their Child to Get On The Fast Track To Long Term Athletic Success?

The 4 Goals of Quick Kids Speed Camp

  1. Improve self-confidence: As a coach who works with youth athletes every day, I can say without reserve that the modern day youth athletes are lacking self-confidence as a whole. Obviously this is much bigger than sports and if we can start to develop self-esteem at a young age we are going to do everything in our power to help young athletes develop a personal belief system so that self-doubt and fear of failure are something they will never have to confront when they are older.