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Leaders is a one-of-a-kind training program for goal-driven high school athletes, who have a strong desire to be the best.


Our Goal Is To Develop High School Athletes, Who Are Capable Of Performing Like College Athletes.


This ambitious vision is made possible by creating and adhering to a culture of very high standards and expectations of performance. Our program mission is to equip our athletes with the knowledge skill and resilience to far exceed expectations in the weight room and on the field.

This program acts to supplement and enhance training done outside of our facility, not compete with them.

To develop the most impactful athletes possible we spend our time and efforts developing our 5-Pillars of Readiness. (Purposeful Practice, Movement Mastery, Relative Strength & Power, Competition, and Intensity of Effort)


Purposeful Practice

Attention to detail, focus on form, organized workouts.

Relative Strength & Power

Transfer good movement to strong and powerful movements.


The willingness to compete against others and yourself no matter the obstacle.

Movement Mastery

The better you move, the better you perform, the more you win.

Intensity of Effort

Narrow focus with 100% intensity in all things.


The Basics

  • Class lasts 75-minutes
  • We train in small groups of less than 10 athletes
  • All training is coach led and directed at all times
  • We track and record progress for all athletes
  • Train speed, agility, strength, power, balance and coordination
  • Family discounts 


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Summer Training Schedule


Summer schedule runs through August 11th.


Monday- 8:30a / 9:30a / 5:30p

Tuesday- 8:30 / 9:30a / 5:30p

Wednesday- 8:30a / 9:30a / 5:30p

Thursday- 8:30a / 9:30a / 5:30p

Friday- 8:30a / 9:30a / 4:30p

Saturday- 9:00 am


Summer  Rates

16 sessions = $199

24 sessions = $299

32 sessions = $399

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High School Testimonials

  • I really can’t say enough about the program.  Thank you for your positive influence and your high expectations in shaping the kids’ lives.
    Kathy Saindon (Parent)
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