High School Elite Speed Academy

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#1 Speed Training Program for High School Athletes

Elite Speed Academy, powered by OAK Athletic Development is a game-changing speed and agility training camp designed to give high school athletes the skills to blow past the competition.  Your search for speed development is officially over.

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Middle School Athletes


Complete Athlete Development


Junior Varsity Complete Athlete Development is an annual training program for middle school athletes (11-14) who want to maximize their athletic development during the critical years before high school.

We start training JV athletes as young as age 11 and all the way up through 8th grade, where our athlete's transition to the Varsity program.  

The program is comprehensive, meaning we train all primary athletic qualities during every workout (speed, strength, agility, balance, coordination, power, flexibility and even mental skills like focus, team work and mental toughness.  Our end goal for this age group is the following:

  1. Keep all athletes pain and injury free in training and in their sport
  2. Develop athleticism and strength so they are well ahead of their peer group when they get to high school
  3. Develop a championship mindset where they understand work ethic, accountability and mental toughness by the time they reach high school

What You Can Expect And What Our Clients Tell Us They Value The Most

  •  Personal connection and relationship our athletes build with our coaches
  • Training programs that focus on proper form and progression over time
  • Regularly updated and athlete specific training programs
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Consistent and significant gains in strength, speed, coordination and athleticism

The success of our program is predicated upon our program’s consistent delivery and unique value based upon specialization, expert coaching and atmosphere.

Specialization- Unique to OAK AD and a major factor in our athlete’s accelerated improvements are the individualized speed and strength programs. We have years of experience developing literally thousands of high school programs and piles of data to support our methods and training system.

Expert Coaching- We like to say you can’t fake skill, and our coach’s true teaching skill is self-evident within an athlete’s first workout. We believe the impact of a great coach on an athlete can be life changing. Any coach can yell and scream but it takes a skilled teacher to help athletes develop important skills and build consistency in technique and accountability. Our highly skilled coaches are truly second to none in our industry and make a huge difference in our athletes’ on-going development.

Atmosphere- The one thing we will have no problem bragging about is the quality of the student athlete we get the opportunity to work with on a daily basis. As a whole some of the brightest and most mature aspiring student athletes lead the way in our varsity program. Whether they are boasting a 4.0 GPA, headed to an Ivy League School or head are captain of their travel team, we truly are privileged to work with some of the future young leaders of America.

This creates a supportive and motivating environment and culture that any parent would love to have their child involved with.

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Monday: 400p
Tuesday: 530p
Wednesday: 400p
Thursday: 530p
Friday: 330p
Saturday: 10a


First of all, you’ve made a great choice! Before any workouts begin we will need to schedule a 1-on-1 athlete assessment. This appointment is the crucial and unique first step that will begin our athlete’s journey to long-term success. During the Athlete Assessment we will:

  1.  Talk about athlete's goals and perceived areas of need
  2. Complete head-to-toe movement assessment which looks at flexibility, body awareness and injury risk
  3. Complete athlete specific performance testing which will place athlete in specific percentile for age compared to peers
  4. Discuss what training option works best

Upon completion on the assessment, assuming you like what you hear, the athlete will enroll in our 21-Day Jump Start Program. This three week training program allows the athlete to get a feel for the program, our coaches and the facility before making a long-term commitment.

The cost of the 21-Day Jump-Start Program is just $99.
To schedule your Athlete Assessment email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (815)-932-5492.


If we can’t convince you during the Jump-Start Program that we’re the best gym in Bourbonnais, walk away with no further obligation.

If you do choose to stay with us, which we think you will, we will ask the athlete to make a personal commitment to their own success and the program. From there, we will use all of our resources to provide them with the absolute best programming, coaching and training experience we can on a consistent basis.

Every 12-weeks or season, we provide athletes and parents with a Training Progress Report. This thorough report contains seasonal milestones, summary of training and even video clips. In addition, we have scheduled Test Days where our Junior Varsity athletes strut their stuff and see where they stack up against their age group in a sport specific testing protocol.

Call (815) 932-5492 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign-up for your assessment

Quick Kids Speed Camp

10319 Quick Kids Speed Camp LOGO croppedWho Else Wants Their Child to Get On The Fast Track To Long Term Athletic Success?


Dear Parents,

Wouldn't it be great if you could help your child develop important fitness fundamentals and excitement for their health at a young age?

In recent years we have seen an extreme growth in early sports specialization- Unfortunately a growing problem our youth athletes face is the pressure or perception from their peer groups that they need to specialize in a sport and or position as early as possible. This often leads to physical overuse injuries, and mental burnout; in addition, to an athlete who lacks a wide range of athletic skills.

As a young athlete it is critical to build as wide and as broad an athletic foundation as possible. It is this foundation or lack thereof which will be critical in predicting whether they develop later on during their teenage years or not.

In addition this an also lead to a loss of genuine enjoyment of being physically fit- As parents I know you see it every day. With technology and a changing classroom curriculum we often see more and more sitting and less and less physical activity (recess, gym class, game playing).

The reality remains, kids at this age need to play every day. Not just regimented and structured team and sport practices. Even though we want them to succeed today, ultimately, we are planting the seed for tomorrow. That seed doesn’t grow unless the young athlete learns to actually enjoy exercise by having a good experience.

This is Where We Help...

The 4 Goals of Quick Kids Speed Camp

1) Improve self-confidence- As a coach who works with youth athletes every day I can say without reserve that the modern day youth athlete’s are lacking self-confidence as a whole. Obviously this is much bigger than sports and if we can start to develop self-esteem at a young age we are going to do everything in our power to help young athletes develop a personal belief system so that self-doubt and fear of failure are something they will never have to confront when they are older.

2) Responsibility- We believe one of the keys to keeping youth engaged and value what is asked of them is by requiring them to take ownership for what they do. What better way to develop accountability than setting the guidelines from day one. We want to have lots of fun but at the same time we will always hold our athletes accountable for their actions no matter their age.

3) Teamwork- Another skill that goes beyond the playing field, the ability to cooperatively work with those around you to achieve a common purpose never ends in life and we want to continue planting the seed to facilitate that growth and get rid of any possible resistance that exists. The Quick Kids program is structured around a team concept which requires the cooperation, effort and communication and praise of all team members all of the time.

4) Physical Growth- Here’s an honest truth. At your child’s age any training program they perform will get them stronger and probably help to some degree. It’s true, not many people in my position would admit that but the reality is for a 9 year who lacks overall strength; almost any general strength program will help them get stronger to some degree. But herein lies the difference. Any program will promise improvements in strength, speed, quickness, coordination, flexibility and everything else. What every program cannot promise or at least provide is habit building which will lead to long term accelerated physical development. Everything works, until it doesn’t and then you better have a plan. We have a short and long term plan and are very confident in guaranteeing the biggest physical and mental changes you will see anywhere.

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The Workouts

Workouts will be a total of 45 minutes. We believe at this age group any shorter and we can’t get everything we want out of the session, any longer and we start to lose energy and focus.
Each class will consist of a dynamic warm-up, linear speed mechanics/drills, multi-direction mechanics and drills, bodyweight strength training and balance, coordination and fun fitness games.

As far as our coaching philosophy goes, we will utilize the principle of guided discovery. This basically means half of the time we will provide direct feedback and coaching to achieve the desired outcome. The other 50% we will let the athlete try and figure it out on their own without any coaching cues. This is why we consider it guided discovery. We believe this method of coaching is best for this specific age group as they are able to get more in-tune with their bodies and build spacial and body awareness, while over coaching can easily leave them over whelmed and unable to complete a task or more importantly build off of a specific skill from week to week.



Class Schedule

• Tuesday 4:00-4:45p
• Thursday 4:00-4:45p

Adult Strength & Conditioning


...For the Athlete in All of Us

Adult Strength and Conditioning is a hybrid training program, which combines the motivation and support of small group training, with the individualization and 1-on-1 attention of personal training.

This one of a kind training format allows you to get the personal attention needed to build the skill and confidence skill necessary to stay healthy and progress moving forward. We combine this 1-on-1 approach with group support and motivation, as you train with others focusing on a specific 3-week goal.

As a group, we will work towards rotating three week training goals. Within these 3-week training blocks your specific workouts will be based on your specific level of fitness, which is determined by which programming level you are placed in (D3, D2, D1). Our programming levels are based on the three divisions of the NCAA, beginning with D3 programming. The more advanced your fitness level the more advanced your training program will be.

All adults begin at our D3 level programming. The goal of this level of programming is to develop a solid fitness foundation which is defined by successfully completing our D3 Fitness Checklist, which includes specific milestones and fitness goals you must achieve before earning your way to our D2 level programming.

We rotate our workout emphasis every three weeks to keep things fresh, and make sure we are developing all areas of fitness throughout the year and not just one or two.

Block 1: Metabolic Resistance Training- Emphasizing max calorie burn while improving endurance and conditioning.

Block 2: Hypertrophy Training- Emphasizing building lean muscle.

Block 3: Strength and Performance Training- Emphasizing developing strength and athletic speed and power.
Each block will not be an all or none approach, meaning we will not completely neglect hypertrophy and performance training in a metabolic resistance block: nor neglect metabolic resistance in a performance block, we just do not emphasize it as much during that block of training.

Moving Week: Week 10-Every 10th week is testing week. This week of training begins with testing new fitness levels from the past training cycle and is finished by resting and recovering for the start of the next training cycle (Test and Rest).

Step one in this entire training process is to schedule a 1-on-1 movement assessment. During this time we will:

-Define what success means to you.
-Why it matters.
-What it is going to take to get there.
-What obstacles will be in the road and how will you overcome those.
-Assess current movement and fitness levels.
-Develop your specific road map for success.

To schedule your 1-on-1 assessment call (815) 932-5492


 Monday: 6a, 630a, 7a, 730a, 8a, 830a, 530p, 6p

Tuesday: 630p

Wednesday: 6a, 630a, 7a, 730a, 8a, 830a, 530p, 6p

Thursday: 630p

Friday: 6a, 630a, 7a, 730a, 8a, 830a, 530p, 6p

Saturday: 8a

Call (815) 932-5492 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule your 1-on-1 Assessment

The Adult Strength and Conditioning program is for the adult who has the desire and determination to work hard so that they can regain the strength, flexibility and mobility they had when they were younger.  It's also for the adult who isn't afraid to push themselves, who isn't afraid to sweat, and isn't afraid to break out of their comfort zone because you will get out what you put in with this program.  The program is for the adult that is defining their progression by how strong they feel week after week of working hard, not by the number of "likes" they get on social media because you "checked in" at the gym today.  -Shannon (Adult Client)


The BOD POD is an extremely accurate and fast way to measure your body composition.  We are fortunate enough to have the only BOD POD within 50 miles of the Kankakee area.  The test requires the individual sit still in the BOD POD for fewer than 2 minutes. The BOD POD is noninvasive, but does require the individual to wear minimal/tight clothing (for men: compression shorts or spandex, for women: spandex and sports bra, swimsuit). The BOD POD is used by many professional sports teams, college universities and the U.S. military. The BOD POD located at our facility was one of the BOD POD's used at the 2010 NFL combine.  

For more information check out this link BOD POD

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Offsite Program Design

We offer offsite programming for those who cannot train with us at our facility. Whether you live five minutes of 50 miles away you can still benefit from our total body comprehensive assessment and fitness programming.  Whatever your starting point whatever your goal our programs can help change the way you look, move and feel.

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