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Adult Strength and Conditioning is a hybrid training program, which combines the motivation and support of small group training, with the individualization and 1-on-1 attention of personal training.

This one of a kind training format allows you to get the personal attention needed to build the skill and confidence skill necessary to stay healthy and progress moving forward. We combine this 1-on-1 approach with group support and motivation, as you train with others focusing on a specific 3-week goal.

As a group, we will work towards rotating three week training goals. Within these 3-week training blocks your specific workouts will be based on your specific level of fitness, which is determined by which programming level you are placed in (D3, D2, D1). Our programming levels are based on the three divisions of the NCAA, beginning with D3 programming. The more advanced your fitness level the more advanced your training program will be.

All adults begin at our D3 level programming. The goal of this level of programming is to develop a solid fitness foundation which is defined by successfully completing our D3 Fitness Checklist, which includes specific milestones and fitness goals you must achieve before earning your way to our D2 level programming.

We rotate our workout emphasis every three weeks to keep things fresh, and make sure we are developing all areas of fitness throughout the year and not just one or two.

Block 1: Metabolic Resistance Training- Emphasizing max calorie burn while improving endurance and conditioning.

Block 2: Hypertrophy Training- Emphasizing building lean muscle.

Block 3: Strength and Performance Training- Emphasizing developing strength and athletic speed and power.
Each block will not be an all or none approach, meaning we will not completely neglect hypertrophy and performance training in a metabolic resistance block: nor neglect metabolic resistance in a performance block, we just do not emphasize it as much during that block of training.

Moving Week: Week 10-Every 10th week is testing week. This week of training begins with testing new fitness levels from the past training cycle and is finished by resting and recovering for the start of the next training cycle (Test and Rest).

Step one in this entire training process is to schedule a 1-on-1 movement assessment. During this time we will:

-Define what success means to you.
-Why it matters.
-What it is going to take to get there.
-What obstacles will be in the road and how will you overcome those.
-Assess current movement and fitness levels.
-Develop your specific road map for success.

To schedule your 1-on-1 assessment call (815) 932-5492


 Monday: 6a, 630a, 7a, 730a, 8a, 830a, 530p, 6p

Tuesday: 630p

Wednesday: 6a, 630a, 7a, 730a, 8a, 830a, 530p, 6p

Thursday: 630p

Friday: 6a, 630a, 7a, 730a, 8a, 830a, 530p, 6p

Saturday: 8a


  • Great Results
  • Increased Swing Speed
  • Rediscovered Youth
  • Highly Recommend
  • Size 12 to an 8
  • Best Results Ever
  • Never Felt Stronger
  • Exactly What I Needed
  • Tailored To Your Needs
  • Strongest in 20 years
  • Best Decision
  • Confidence

I signed up at OAK Athletic Development to lose a few pounds and get stronger--but I got more than I expected! I not only lost my soft midsection, I became leaner and more muscular than ever before in my life! And with that, my attitude and mental health improved too. I highly recommend OAK AD to anyone who is serious about improving their physical (and mental) health!

Eric Erickson

E2 Prowler pull plank 2


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I work part-time at a local golf course. While at work several years ago, I noticed two men, father and son, practicing on the driving range. Their drives traveled over three hundred yards. The son had competed in many long drive competitions and made it to the finals on ESPN. I asked how they stayed in shape. Their response, "We work out at OAK Athletic Development."

I decided to join OAK Athletic Development. The first two weeks, I was tested for flexibility and strength. The next week, I began an exercise program that was designed specifically for me. Since then my swing speed has increased and my flexibility, stability, and energy are much greater. The staff at OAK Athletic Development is great. So are the facilities. I enjoy both the exercising and the results.

I strongly recommend others to achieve their fitness goals at OAK Athletic Development.

Tom E.

Erazmus Tom


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If this is what 70 feels like it sucks.  I couldn't walk talk or chew gum at the same time.  Then I met Jeff Weber.  Six months later I hit a golf ball further, walk up steps without holding on.  I even can open bottle tops.

The exercises are challenging, different and individualized for each participant.  I plan to have a six pack in the next 6 months!


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I began participating in the Adult Strength and Conditioning Program in December 2013 and my overall performance has steadily improved. I just renewed for a full year to take advantage of OAK Athletic Development staff and facilities and the nice price point of their pricing for 12 months as compared to the 3 month plan I first used. I highly recommend this program for all, school age as well as adults. You will get excellent training, support and a program tailored to meet your individual needs. How well you will do it up to you but OAK provides all the tools to get you there.

Bob F.

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If you want to see real progress and change in strength, mobility and physique I would reccomend training at OAK AD.  I have lost a significant amount of fat and gained muscle which has changed my clothing size from a size 12 to a size 8.

Noel B.

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This program has helped me get the best results I have ever achieved.  The important thing was that the results I received were done with hardwork and lifestyle changes, not plls or expensive drinks.  

Jim L.

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I have belonged to several gyms over the past 20 years.  Since joining OAK Athletic Development.  I have never felt more challenged or stronger.  Each time I walk through the door at OAK AD, I feel at home.

Barb B.

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I have put of the working out years.  The Adult Strength & Conditioning program is exactly what I needed.  Accountability with a planned process for imporvement of strength and condition.  You will not be disappointed, come join us.

Barry H.

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I highly recommend this program, you will get excellent training, support and a program tailored to meet your individual needs.  OAK AD will provide you with all the tools to get you there.

Jason S.

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I can honestly say I look forward to each and every workout because the staff is always there to answer questions and ensure your technique is correct, and the other adults provide a fun atmosphere and really support eachother...I haven't felt this strong and proud of myself in over 20 years!

Shannon H.

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Joining this program has turned out to be one of the best desicions I have ever made.  If you're looking to get in better shape, looking to feel better, looking to have more energy and looking to fit into your clothes you may have outgrown, I highly reccomend OAK AD!

Mike D. 

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OAK AD is a comfortable yet competetive gym that allows you to push your physical limits, knowing there are coaches there to monitor and answer your questions.  I feel a positive change in myself, and I feel stonger and more confident about my appearence.

Chad K.

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Call (815) 932-5492 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule your 1-on-1 Assessment

The Adult Strength and Conditioning program is for the adult who has the desire and determination to work hard so that they can regain the strength, flexibility and mobility they had when they were younger.  It's also for the adult who isn't afraid to push themselves, who isn't afraid to sweat, and isn't afraid to break out of their comfort zone because you will get out what you put in with this program.  The program is for the adult that is defining their progression by how strong they feel week after week of working hard, not by the number of "likes" they get on social media because you "checked in" at the gym today.  -Shannon (Adult Client)