I work part-time at a local golf course. While at work several years ago, I noticed two men, father and son, practicing on the driving range. Their drives traveled over three hundred yards. The son had competed in many long drive competitions and made it to the finals on ESPN. I asked how they stayed in shape. Their response, "We work out at Athletic Development." I decided to join Athletic Development. The first two weeks, I was tested for flexibility and strength. The next week, I began an exercise program that was designed specifically for me. Since then my swing speed has increased and my flexibility, stability, and energy are much greater. The staff at Athletic Development is great. So are the facilities. I enjoy both the exercising and the results. I strongly recommend others to achieve their fitness goals at Athletic Development.

Adult Testimonials

  • I signed up at Athletic Development to lose a few pounds and get stronger--but I got more than I expected! I not only lost my soft midsection, I became leaner and more muscular than ever before in my life! And with that, my attitude and mental health improved too. I highly recommend AD to anyone who is serious about improving their physical (and mental) health!
    Eric Erickson
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