All across gyms and homes you still see people doing crunches, sit-ups, or some sort of variation of flutter kicks.

If I were to ask most people why they are doing crunches or sit ups the most popular response would be because I’m working on my core and can feel it working. They are correct it is working, but think about when doing a crunch or sit-up the upper body is curling up and we are putting the body in poor postural alignment. Majority of us already are spending 6-12 hours a day in a hunched position whether it’s working, school, driving, or just scrolling through our phones. Why would we want to promote poor spine alignment by hunching over and shortening our core? 

This cold dreary weather, along with the stressors from work, school, being sick or whatever it might be can make you feel like training is the last thing you want to do. You aren't alone, everyone will have days like this (yes even your coach will deal with this). Here are a couple of things you can do on days like this.

Here’s to a New Year and renewed optimism. In addition to the calendar turning we know the New Year brings with it the annual new gym membership migration with it. Unfortunately we also know over 90% of these hopeful souls will crash and burn by March. Harsh I know, but so is subjecting oneself to the same cycle of hope and despair every year.

Touch Your Toes Again...Seriously! 

Follow this simple progression and soon you will find your toes again.

Does the bench press cause you shoulder pain?

Check out the shoulder friendly floor press and keep those shoulders.



Is letting your knees move over your toes during lunges and squats going to cause knee pain or is it a lot about nothing? Find out the truth about this commonly held belief right now!


We like to assume our chest and arms out the only limiting factor when it comes to pushups. The reality is for many, the core or inability to brace well is actually a big area that needs to be improved. Try out the PUP and build your push-up strength.