I always tell all new athletes and clients if they can give me: 1) maximal effort, 2) a championship attitude and 3) consistency in training (attend at least 90% of scheduled training sessions) I can guarentee their success.  That is why it is no wonder to me this athlete in particular made such great strides this summer.  

Jared is going into his sophmore year and came to us looking to get ready for football season. We tested him in early June and retested last week. His improvements were very impressive for such a short period of time, but before we compare the numbers let's see how he got there.

 1) Maximal Effort-  Jared displayed max effort in all things asked of him, from the warm-up to heavy squats and deadlifts.  He would be dripping in sweat before many of our athletes would be sweating at all.  Intensity is a trait which has to be cultivated through the willingness to suffer somewhat at times, and Jared was willing to push past points that many would give-in all summer long.

2) Championship Attitude- As we all know criticism is not always easy to take, even if it is constructive, but Jared always took our coaching with a great attitude.  He never complained or made excuses for anything.  His purpose was clearly to get better in all things and his attitude showed just that.

3) Consistency in Training-  You can't get better if you are not here, Jared trained with us twice a week and up to this day has attended 18 out of 19 scheculded training sessions.  That 94%, which is above our standard of 90%.

Check out his improvements,

TEST                                         June 5th                       August 8th                   Change

Vertical Jump                              25.5 in                            30 in                         +4.5 in

Broad Jump                                8 ft 1 in                      8 ft 7.5 in                       +6.5 in

Pro-Agility                                  4.87 sec                       4.50 sec                      -.37 sec

10 yard dash                              1.83 sec                       1.69 sec                      -.14 sec

Jared did not make such large strides this summer by foccussing on what his vertical or 10 yard dash would be the next time we tested it, but rather in his own words by "putting everything I have into training in order to get the best results." 

 Rememeber it's the road that is traveled, not the destination that defines us.  A recipe is only as good as the ingredients it contains.

 What are you made of?