Everybody wants to get better, unfortunately not everyone is willing to do the work to get there.

When it comes to goal-setting, so many of us are guilty of simply making fluff goals we really have no intention of seeing through, probably just to believe in the possibility of a better future for ourselves or maybe just to make us feel good in the moment.

Most folks have a "want list" opposed to an actual list of goals.

Seriously, how often do you literally find yourself resetting or starting over again when it comes to setting goals or "trying again." it's endless right?

“When you treat people like they’re old, they start to act like they think old people should act.”

Introducing a one-of-a-kind training program specially designed for active and competitive senior athletes. (Coming in August). 

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…Ageless Athletes is a training program for the 60 and up adult athlete whose race is far from over and is always looking to be a better version of themselves.

Local Sports Performance Coach Jeff Weber Launches Summer Speed and Strength Camps In Bourbonnais.

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Middle school sports are more competitive than ever.

What’s holding back the athletes you work with the most?  Speed, strength, power, conditioning, injuries?  If you continually point to physical constraints as the biggest area of need for your athletes you are looking through the wrong lens and it’s time to refocus on most athlete’s true limiting factor; buy-in.