This week's video is the MB rotary slam.  This is a great exercise to develop rotational power.  Be sure to  emphasize accelerating the ball throughout the entire range of motion getting tall at the top and dropping your center of gravity as the slam occurs.


This weeks video is the core board push-up with rotation.  This version of the push-up challenges not only the anti-extension muscles of the core but as well as the anti-lateral flexors.  We use this variation after someone is profiecient with a standard push-up.




As August comes around the bend it's time for another action packed fall sports season and the only thing more inevitable than that fresh crisp autumn air is the rash of sports related injuries that occur.

Today I'll give you my top five ways to stay on the field and court this fall.

 There are several popular diets that have some worth: Paleo, plant-based, low carb, intermittent fasting, carb back-loading, amongst others. I am often asked what diet I prefer and recommend. My answer depends on the individual just like it does when I am writing a training program. I do not believe there is an absolute single best diet for every single person for now and forever.

Often times I hear a parent describe their son or daughter's coordination as simply good or bad. This is actually a limited perspective as coordination is comprised of several different characteristics. When we speak of movement coordination we are describing the ability to synchronize different parts of the body to execute a specifically defined task in an efficient and timely manner. Basically, a coordinated movement is smooth, efficient and is made to look easy. There are seven separate parts which can all be trained to help develop total movement coordination.

Why do we train?

I hope this question isn't a brain buster. Sure you can train for stress relief, self-esteem, because your doctor/spouse told you it was no longer an option, or simply for the love of iron and sweat. But I'm confident we can all agree the primary reason you continue to sacrifice and prioritize training in your life is simply to get better. Enter 5-steps to instantly making your training program more effective.

Summer 14 Trainng Schedule: June 9-August 15

8 AM Adult S&C   Adult S&C   Adult S&C  
9 AM High School *Adult S&C High School *Adult S&C High School High School
10 AM Middle School High School Middle School High School Middle School  Middle School
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1 PM Middle School Middle School Middle School Middle School    
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6 PM Adult S&C Adult S&C Adult S&C Adult S&C    

Classes subject to change


It's not always what your're doing but what your're not doing that counts.  Here are 7-musts for maximizing your time in the gym.

Size has always mattered and it always will. Everything else being equal, the bigger player will be stronger, faster, more resistant to injury and recruited harder than the smaller player.

Two years ago I received an Apple Ipad as a very generous gift.  During those two years it has become my best friend in many ways.  Yes, I do live that exciting of a of a life people.  Be jealous, be very jealous.