The Brettzel 1.0 is a stretch that really gets bang for its buck. I highly recommend you give it a try.

  •  Position yourself as shown in the video. Flex your top hip above 90 degrees if possible and hold it down with the bottom hand.
  • Turn your bottom hip outward and try to grab your ankle with your top hand.
  • To activate the stretch actively press into the top leg with the bottom hand while pulling the knee up, attempting to drive the knee and hip into deeper hip flexion and adduction. At the same time actively attempt to extend the down hip by contracting the glutes (butt muscles) while pulling the heel towards your butt, creating hip extension and internal rotation and knee flexion.
  • The breath should increase the stretch as you exhale look to increase the stretch.
  • Don't force it, if you can't relax into the stretch use the variation that is best appropriate for your abilities.