Some of the best stretches you can do are ones that allow you to warm up multiple joints at the same time because they allow you to warm-up much quicker than you otherwise would.

 The walking spiderman is a fantastic bang for your buck mobility exercise and easily makes my Top 5 List. It does a great job of mobilizing the hips, ankles and thoracic spine.

There are several variations of this movement but I recommend you start with the basic version before progressing to the more advanced versions.

The best way to execute these exercises is follow the following sequence of movements:

  1. Take an exaggerated lunge step
  2. Drop both hands to the inside of the front foot (not in-front of the foot, but in-line)
  3. Pull the hips towards the ground while attempting to straighten the back.
  4. Try and take a full breath while in the stretched position
  5. Ease off the stretch and crawl the opposite leg forward (switch the legs in place if you aren't performing the walking version).