Bradley, IL

OAK Athletic Development helps new and dedicated athletes in Bradley, IL through expertise in sports fitness and health training. At Oak, we provide health and fitness testing, jump training, speed and agility training, and strength training to athletes of all skill levels. We work with athletes in grade school and up, as well as, working with individuals on overall wellness training and assistance.

With our expertise in wellness and athletic development, we create individualized programs that train based on the individual's experience and needs. We focus on strength training, which helps both male and female athletes compete at a higher level on the field or court, and helps with response to a variety of situations. At OAK Athletic Development in Bradley, Illinois, our strength training is developed to push athletes while also helping prevent injury. Strength training is an important part of athletic training that helps muscles handle greater impact and strain.

OAK Athletic Development doesn't only work on sports fitness and sports performance training as a fitness center but also functions as a weight loss center for youth and adults in Bradley, Illinois. Our team will assess the health and fitness levels of anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, and can develop a plan to help with weight loss and wellness.

Whether you need help with strength training, jump training, or speed and agility as part of your sports performance training, OAK Athletic Development helps Bradley, Illinois residents on their way to health and fitness. No matter what your health, fitness, or athletic goals are, OAK Athletic Development can help you get where you want to be. Contact us today!