Kankakee, IL

OAK Athletic Development is an exclusive fitness and performance training facility serving Kankakee, Illinois, and offering youth fitness and sports performance training along with adult personal training. We specialize in providing high-level coaching to our clients using personalized training programs to build strong, lean and athletic bodies.

Because of our emphasis on wellness, we also work with adults who simply want a great local weight loss center and fitness center that will help them develop their wellness and overall health and fitness level. At Oak Athletic Development in Kankakee, Illinois, we create individualized programs that train speed and agility, as well as strength training, jump training, and sports performance training.

OAK Athletic Development of Kankakee, Illinois doesn't only work on sports fitness and sports performance training as a fitness center but also functions as a weight loss center for youth and adults in Kankakee, Illinois. Our team will assess the health and fitness levels of anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, and can develop a plan to help with weight loss and wellness. If you are an athlete in Kankakee, Illinois looking for motivational strength training and jump training as part of a healthy sports performance training program, contact OAK Athletic Development to find out how we can help you.