Wilmington, IL

OAK Athletic Development is a health and fitness center located in Bourbonnais, Illinois, that serves Wilmington, IL residents through our expertise in sports fitness, jump training and sports performance training through speed and agility and strength training. At OAK Athletic Development, we provide health and fitness testing and jump training to athletes of all skill levels. We have worked with athletes in grade schoolmiddle school, high school, and adults to develop strength training and jump training, as well as overall wellness.

OAK Athletic Development sports performance training programs near Wilmington, IL also help athletes improve on their speed and agility. Developing speed and agility allows athletes to react and respond quickly to opponents, and even sports like football, which emphasize strength, also rely on their players to react with speed and agility. Jump training is another aspect to this, as jump training helps develop power, explosiveness, and agility on and off the field. Jump training can be useful in any sport, though some, like basketball, find that jump training is one of the most crucial parts of their sports fitness development.

Whether you need help with strength training, jump training, or speed and agility as part of your sports performance training, OAK Athletic Development helps Wilmington, Illinois residents on their way to health and fitness. Our skilled sports fitness classes and personalized sports performance training will give you undeniable results you'll notice. If you are an athlete in Wilmington looking for motivational strength training and jump training as part of a healthy sports performance training program, contact OAK Athletic Development to find out how we can help you.