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Intelligent, Ego-Free Strength Training for Everyday Adults.

 Strength school is a training and coaching program for adults who want to learn how to get strong and stay strong, while staying injury free and enjoying the process along the way.  


Our Guarantee... 


Every workout you will get personalized coaching to make sure you are learning things the right way from an expert coach.


No more random workouts, our workouts are organized and always working towards specific obtainable goals.  This way you will always know what you're training for.


Don’t worry about not being motivated our small groups are always encouraging and provide awesome support to everyone.


Get Started

Everyone begins with a 14-day unlimited training pass for just $50, this is exactly what it sounds like as it gives you the opportunity to test drive our program before making a longer term commitment.


Training Schedule

Monday - 5:55a / 7:00a / 8:00a /  5:00p / 6:00p 
Tuesday- 5:55a / 7:00a / 8:00a / 5:00p 
Wednesday- 5:55a / 7:00a / 8:00a /  5:00p / 6:00p 
Thursday- 5:55a / 7:00a / 8:00a / 5:00p
Friday- 5:55a / 7:00a / 8:00a / 5:15p
Saturday- 8:00a


Get Started

Adult Testimonials

  • I signed up at Athletic Development to lose a few pounds and get stronger--but I got more than I expected! I not only lost my soft midsection, I became leaner and more muscular than ever before in my life! And with that, my attitude and mental health improved too. I highly recommend AD to anyone who is serious about improving their physical (and mental) health!
    Eric Erickson
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