We all have that something in us that inspires awe. It is just up to us to let it all out there. Today I have compiled a list of ways you can become even more awesome than you already are.

1) Take massive action

You know that watch on your wrist or that phone in your pocket? It keeps ticking second after second whether you spend it sitting in a corner in your bedroom or exploring a tropical beach in the Caribbean. Opportunities come and go and are certainly finite in number. Waiting for the perfect time is the biggest garbage response there is and we all know it. Awesome people take action right now!

2) Compete in some type of physical competition

Nothing is more awe inspiring that seeing someone truly test their physical and mental limits as a human being. There are countless types of events and competitions out there today, just find one that you relate to and will test your grit. (Tough Mudder, 5k, Powerlifting meet, Strongman meet, Triathlon, figure competition).

3) Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Don't tell me or anyone else that you want to be great and then keep doing the exact same things you have been doing. Truly great people are of limited number, you know why? Because they constantly push themselves out of their comfort zone to target their personal limiting factors. You or me will never really be want we want unless we accept this.  If you are always comfortable I doubt you have made much progress lately.  

4) Become a 'supple leopard'

This term was coined by Dr. Starrett, and has grown wings over the past five years or so in the fitness and physical therapy communities. Basically what we are talking about here is that a leopard doesn't have to warm-up for 20 minutes before it climbs up a tree or sprints after its prey. It simply decides to act and jumps to action. The idea of a having a higher level of physical readiness is at the origin of this idea with the primary outcome being improved mobility. The better mobility we have the more 'supple' or ease of movement becomes.  Suppleness is the ability to move freely without restriction or stiffness.  Gaining functional range of motion and reducing high muscle tone can and will drastically improve your awesome score, not to mention you will feel fantastic.

5) Eat more protein

If you didn't know by now protein rules, and for a number of pretty awesome reasons:

  1. Aides in recovery after training
  2. Aides in fat-loss
  3. Decreases hunger which leads to lower caloric intake
  4. Builds lean muscle and prevents muscle loss
  5. Helps maintain a healthy weight

Make protein a staple of each meal and weight control will be a much simpler and successful venture for you.  

What about you, what are 5 more ways you can inspire awe in others and yourself?