Middle School

Futures is a training program for middle school athletes (11-14), dedicated to building powerful habits today that will allow these young athletes to lead tomorrow.

Our Goal Is To Develop Middle School Athletes, Who Are Capable Of Performing Like High School Athletes.

We believe the best way to predict the future is to create it.  Creating long-term success begins by developing a huge fitness foundation.  Research has shown us that talent is vastly over-rated and doesn't actually exist like once thought.  It seems talent isn't born but developed.  


 Therefore, our goal is to help pave the path for our Futures athletes with purposeful practice, so that they will become the most talented individuals capable of leading in the future.  


To get their we spend our time and efforts developing our 5-Pillars of Readiness.  

Purposeful Practice 

Rather than random drills and exercises we plan and organize our training to match the specific goals we are working on.  A huge part of our focus is on teaching our Futures athletes on not just how to perform exercises correctly but why it matters.  We like to say everything we do in training has a purpose.

Relative Strength & Power

The ability to jump, land, cut and control one's own bodyweight is critical for preventing injury and competing at a high level.  With our futures athletes, we place tremendous value on building body weight strength and power.  It is critical an athlete can safely control their own body weight before they consider progressing on to more advanced strength training.



We believe the willingness to compete and the frequency of competition in day to day life will positively reflect when it comes time to compete on the field or on the court.  Research has indicated, those who compete more are less likely to be anxious or fearful of failure come game day.  We have fun competing in our classes, and reinforce that just like in life and sports, someone wins and someone loses.  We believe this understanding and willingness to act even thought the possibility of failure exists develops perserverance in the long run.  



From a physical standpoint, developing coordination is the most important area to improve during this age.  There exists an ever-closing window of physical adaptation that exists with this age group when it comes to improving coordination.  Once athletes start to reach the high school years their ability to improve this trait becomes limited.  Hard work is very important but we need to make sure that hard work is also good work.  Improving the way young athletes move by developing coordination ensures this for now and in the future.  


Self-Belief and Work Ethic

Without confidence and a strong work ethic nothing else really matters.  We make it a priority to get to know our athletes and understand what motivates them and what tends to limit their beliefs and efforts.  We want them to believe they are good enough as can do whatever they want, but they must believe in themselves and they must be willing to outwork everyone else.


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The Basics

-Class lasts 60-minutes

-We train in small groups of less than 10 athletes

-All training is coach led and directed at all times

-Flexibile scheduling each week

-Family discounts 


Summer Training Schedule


Summer schedule runs through Saturday August 11th.  You make you own schedule every week based on the class schedule.


Monday -  9:00a / 10:00a / 4:30p

Tuesday -   9:00a / 10:00a / 5:00p

Wednesday - 9:00a / 10:00a /4:30p

Thursday -   9:00a / 10:00a / 5:00p

Friday -  9:00a / 10:00a / 3:30 p

Saturday -  10:00a


Summer Rates

16 sessions = $199

24 sessions = $299

32 sessions = $399


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Middle School Testimonials

  • Jeff and his staff top notch.  Not only has our daughter gotten physically stronger through the years, but she mentally stronger as well.  She is learning the proper form and correct way to work out.  My husband and I know that she and other clients are held to a higher standard at this establishment.  Highly recommend!
    Kati Rainbolt (Parent)
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